History of Draconians

Being the oldest of the sapient races of Vidras (and the longest lived), it is understandable that they once controlled the majority of the world. They appeared soon after the Wild Ages of prehistory. They originated from The Second, whom produced the Elder Dragons Bahamut and Tiamut. The two were meant to balance each other and share in care-taking the world.

For a long time this worked, but eventually the Elder Dragons became distrustful of each other’s decisions and viewpoints on how best to execute their charge. In doing so, they spread this to their children who factionalized and became greedy. Each believing it knew how best to handle dangerous things.

Their separations are what eventually caused the different dragon sub-species to develop. Before they evolved apart, dragons were much more mystical. For instance, theiry breath could take pretty much any form they desired. Also, early dragons had much more varied colorizations and patterns.

Eventually, The Second, before fully conceeding to The Third, decided to modify the Dragons to produce other offspring besides just other Dragons. The point being that maybe bringing diversity to the forms and minds of the Draconians would bring about much-needed change. This is when Drakes, Dragonkin, Dragonborn, and Kobolds first appeared. Once again, for a time this helped, but it didn’t last.

Being significantly smaller and less powerful than the true Dragons, the new Draconians were quick to become subjects of the Dragons. At worst, they became slaves and thralls to the Chromatics, and at best, they became the vassals of the Metallic lords.

Soon after this continued failure, The First decided to let The Third have a go at stabilizing Vidras. The Third created the elves.

The Second

One of the Lesser Gods of The Truth, The Second is depicted as a great Dragon. The creator of Dragons, The Second is held in great reverence by all Draconians, even the evil ones.

The Elder Dragons

The Elder Dragons Bahamut and Tiamut were the first Dragons created by The Second. They are believed to be immortal Dragons of extreme power. They are believed to still reside in Dragon’s Roost, the great volcano of central Draconin. They have mostly withdrawn from Draconian society as by this point they have realized their failures. They generally dislike the religious followings they have, but will humor them when they must.


A female demi-god Dragon who represents the ideals of the Metallic Dragons of justice, honor, devotion, truth, and good. The Adamantium Dragon now lives a hermitic lifestyle in Dragon’s Roost.


A male demi-god Dragon who represents the ideals of the Chromatic Dragons of terror, domination, greed, destruction, and evil. The Prismatic Dragon now lives isolated underneath Dragon’s Roost.

Lesser Draconians


Basically a smaller, less intelligent Dragon. They behave more like semi-intelligent animals (think dog or horse levels of intelligence) than most other draconic species.

Humanoids have been known to be able to train them and ride them as mounts.


The most intelligent of the Lesser Draconians, Dragonkin are bipedal humanoid Draconians that now make up the bulk of Draconian society. They are known to stray more from the “rules” of their genetics than theiry Dragon relatives.


Slightly larger and physically stronger than Dragonkin, Dragonborn are also less intelligent (think Orcs). They generally live in tribal societies in Metallic-controlled lands, but are generally slave-laborers and frontline warriors in Chromatic-controlled lands.


Kobolds are more intelligent than Dragonborn, but because of their penchant for tinkering and pranks, they are generally shunned from other Draconian groups. Also, because of their small size, they can’t really put up much of a fight.























Nations of Draconin

There are 13 Draconinan nations: six are ruled by Chromatic Great-Wyrms, size by Metallic Great-Wyrms, and the independent Dragonmeet.

The Dragonmeet

Dragonmeet is a neutral-ground for all Draconians used when a Dragonmeet is called. Otherwise, it is an independent nation ran by free Dragonkin.

Clan of Thünnos

Nation ruled by the Gold Great-Wyrm Thünnos (M).

Clan of Esrosus

Nation ruled by the Silver Great-Wyrm Esrosus (F).

Clan of Zarüsh

Nation ruled by the Iron Great-Wyrm Zarüsh (M).

Clan of Darrül

Nation ruled by the Copper Great-Wyrm Darrül (M).

Clan of Hulvakin

Nation ruled by the Platinum Great-Wyrm Hulvakin (F).

Clan of Rashata

Nation ruled by the Tin Great-Wyrm Rashata (F).